Fresh Oil


"...anointed with fresh oil" - Psalm 92.10b

An on going theme in my heart since October has been this precious thought on the anointing of Christ and it's power in the believer's life. David understood the importance of the anointing and the consequences of functioning without an anointing. David before he was king of Israel was anointed 3 times: First, by Samuel at Bethlehem (1 Sam. 16:13). Second, by the men of Judah (2 Sam. 2:4). Third, by the elders of Israel (2 Sam. 5:3). This meant for David a sacred consecration to be king though he was not yet king; God anoints and the anointing abides way before there is a visible recognition before people. The anointing for David also meant 2 other things; enabling for the call before him to be king and the enduing of the authority and power to carry out his task as a king after God's own heart. Right after the first anointing by Samuel, 1 Sam 17, David slays the giant Goliath.

The child of God is anointed in his seating with Christ the Anointed One (Lk 4.18; 1 Jn 2.20,27), but unless that anointing is manifested as it was in Mat 26.7 there is no fragrance, no power, no ministry, and no blessing from our lives. For that to happen the vessel must be broken, the believer's life, as in the calling of Paul the apostle in Acts 26.16-18, must be poured out before the Lord Himself. The anointing is what breaks the yoke of bondage - Isaiah 10:27, it is not sin or life or anything else that breaks a man or a nation - only the precious anointing of the Spirit of Christ that breaks the slavery to sin and the flesh. That is why the vessel must be; it must be broken - 2 Cor 4.7 - that the priceless life of the Savior may be a fragrance to all in the room around us. If the anointing is not released moment by moment in our ministry than the giant Goliath is not slain and God's people will remain in captivity.

To function without an anointing in the work of God is certain destruction. We experience the anointing and manifest it when we are rightly aligned to the Anointed One Himself - Ps 133. That alignment and submission comes only by understanding the words in Jn 19 - "It is finished". To that measure we kneel at the cross, lose our soul-life Mat 16.25, and exchange our life for His; is the measure we walk in the sweet fragrance of grace and the yoke is broken off the neck of God's people. That's what missions is in short; walking in His Anointing - Act 10:38 Ampl. "...God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power; how He went about doing good and, in particular, curing all who were harassed and oppressed by [the power of] the devil, for God was with Him."

Here I am posting a worship song by Klaus Kuchn & Kari Jobe that has ministered to me much in recent days. May it bless you as it does me.

Here is a video of a recent trip we took, 14 bible college men, 2400 miles, 3 states, 5 days 35 hours of driving. preaching, door knocking, preaching, prayer, outreach, fun, food, fellowship. Wow, what more can be said...

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2009: Lift up your eyes & look...


Missions statistics from the 10/40 Window:

* Center of population:Two-thirds of the world's population -- more than 3.2 billion people -- live in the 10/40 Window.

* Unreached and unevangelized: 95% of the people living in the 10/40 Window are unevangelized. Many have never heard the Gospel message even once.
o Good news: There's a difference between unreached and unreachable. In 1989 there were only four known Christians living in Mongolia. That country now has an estimated 10,000 indigenous believers. Also, Christian television programming can now be received in many closed 10/40 Window nations such as Iran.

* Poverty: Eighty-five percent of those living in the 10/40 window are the poorest of the world's poor.

* World religions: Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are centered within the 10/40 Window.

* Least evangelized cities: Half of the world's least evangelized cities are in this window.

Statistical data on unreached people groups / prayer points:

The statistics of the numbers of non-Christians can be staggering

* 865 million unreached Muslims or Islamic followers in 3330 cultural sub-groupings
* 550 million unreached Hindus in 1660 cultural sub-groups
* 150 million unreached Chinese in 830 groups
* 275 million unreached Buddhists in 900 groups
* 2550 unreached tribal groups (which are mainly animistic) with a total population of 140 million
* Forming a smaller -- though important -- unreached group are the 17 million Jews scattered across 134 countries
* Good news: The most rapid Christian expansion ever is in China where there are 10,000 new Christian converts every day.

Bible translation availability

* At least some part of Scripture has been translated into 2,212 of the world's 6,500 languages
o 366 languages have the entire Bible
o 928 other languages have the New Testament
o Individual books (such as the Gospel of John) are available in 918 additional languages
* 80 percent of the world's people have access to at least some portion of the Bible in a language they can understand.

My House is Full
There is peace and contentment in my Father's house today,
Lots of food on His table and no one turned away.
There is singing and laughter as the hours pass by,
But a hush calms the singing as the Father sadly cries,

My house is full, but my field is empty,
Who will go and work for Me today.
It seems my children want to stay around
my table,
But no one wants to work my fields,
No one wants to work my fields.

Push away from the table.
Look out through the windowpane,
Just beyond the house of plenty
Lies a field of golden grain.
And it's ripe unto harvest,
But the reapers, where are they?
In the house,
Oh, can't the children hear
the Father sadly say,

My house is full, but my field is empty,
Who will go and work for Me today.
It seems my children want to stay around my table,
But no one wants to work my fields,
No one wants to work my fields.

by Lanny Wolfe.

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