Travailing Love


"Who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Or shall a nation be brought forth in a moment? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children." - Isaiah 66.8

The story is told that a woman went to her pastor with a perplexing problem she was having with her children. "Pastor, my husband and I are good Christians, we are faithful to church, we tithe, we don't live in sin and we love our children very much, but they are rebellious and do not want God. Please tell us, and be honest, we won't be offended, what is the problem?", the pastor responded; "Since you have given me the freedom to be straight with you I will ask you one question. When was the last time your pillow was wet with sleepless tears of prayer for your children?" The woman was taken back; "Never" she said.

That night she began to petition Heaven in prayer alone in her living room after everyone had gone to sleep. Not long after God began to move; as she finished her prayer one night her son came downstairs and asked, "mom, what does it mean to really be saved?" A few days later her other son came to her wanting

..."as soon as Zion travailed she brought forth her children"

Paul travailed until Christ was formed in the Galatians (4.19) and because the Thessalonian church was so dear to him he labored and travailed night and day for them.

Things don't happen hap-hazardly - a nation is not born in a day, a church is not planted without loving travail in prayer and patience of hope.

God impregnates His servants with a heart vision of Christ's thought for people and then we begin to go into labor as a woman does when she is giving birth. There is much pain and effort but the joy of the hope of what will be is incomparable. When the child is born the pain of the birthing is immediately forgotten.

What God puts in the hearts of His servants is unexplainable - unspeakable. If we were to be asked "what will come of your labor?" I don't think we could accurately describe what it will be. We can only say "it'll be as God has said".

When we surrender to Him and His all capturing Cross it leads us to our knees to travail in prayer for what He is travailing for. What is brought forth is much more beautiful than we imagined. It's a Miracle. "Cast not away your confidence, for it has great recompense of reward"

I arrived from Saint Petersburg Russia and from Helsinki Finland on Sunday to Kyiv, Ukraine. Here we have had daily meetings and strategic prayer times for what to do here. We have a team of ten Ukrainians ready to put their hand to the plow.

God loves this nation, we sense a travailing love that is moving us. Please pray for us as we have the privilege to serve the people here with the Gospel of Grace.

Next week on the 29th we have a Ukrainian Leadership seminar in Uzhgorod with a large group
coming from Budapest.

Thank you for being on your knees for us.


Here's a shot a prayer strategy meeting with some of our Kyiv Team.

Russian Christmas Day ... С Рождеством!


Short update from Russia...
(I'm writing this blog entry from my mobile phone)

After a conference with P. Schaller and the pastors & saints from all over Russia & Ukraine we celebrate Christmas today with the church in St. Petersburg Russia. There was a service, worship led by Matt ("baby") Roberge and then a desert fellowship. P. Vladislav from Turkmenistan, P.Misha from Kaliningrad, P. Tolik from Uzhgorod & P. Yura from Almaty were there and there we rapped with a beautiful group of Russians for several hours. The time was precious as we spoke of His Name and His Anointing. We certainly had a visitation from God during the conference. Shortly after desert we all ventures out into -10 degrees snowey weather and did outreach at Dvorsky Pl the center of St Petersburg where there were festivites and thousands of thousands if people gathered at a special Christmas presentation. (See photo below).

I preached today on Joshua 5 that any blessing we posses now is because we made hard decisions by faith in honor of Jesus Christ and His promises. As soon as the Israelites crossed the Jordan they were eating of the fruit of the promised land. God wants us to eat of the fruit of the decions we make by faith in His Grace Promises. Though the Istaelites didn't know it - the Canaanites were afraid of them Josh 5.1-3.

But they didn't stop there, in the face of their victory passing into the promised land they could see only a few miles away the next faith adventure: "Jericho".

We are called and led by Promises not by Law. By the Law we posses nothing but by faith in Grace we posses our possesions and experience all that God has for us.

Thank You for your prayers. Will write next week.

In Him,

P.Alexai, & me in Dvorsky Pl St. Petersburg Russia.

A New Year with 3 Loaves


Happy New Year to you all that read our blog. Last night many of us heard the message that we have 3 loaves of bread given to us by God as a provision for our lives. (You can download the message by pastor Schaller from this blog if you haven't heard it).

This Sunday I leave for St. Petersburg Russia with 3 loaves of bread for the January Conference with all the Russian Pastors and p.Schaller. After the conference I'll stay behind to spend Russian Christmas January 6-7 with the saints in p.Alexai's church in St. Pete till the 17th. During that time we'll have outreaches, fellowship, raps and visits.

January 17th I'll fly into Kyiv, Ukraine with Peter Merry and begin to build up the church we have in The capital of the Ukraine. Please keep is in prayer as my wife and I focus this year on edification of our church in Kyiv.

Church growth is spoken much about these days but real church growth begins when there is edification and comfort by the Holy Spirit & the Word as we see in Acts 9.31.

When we serve the Body with the 3 loaves God has given us there is a multiplication.

We covet your prayers.
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God bless you,

P.Chris & Gosia Moore