The Genuis of a Wife


In the late 1800's O.W.Holmes wrote the following of the Genius of a Wife and I opportunely quote it here on my Wife's Birthday today...

"Oftentimes as I have lain swinging on the water, in the swell of the Chelsea ferryboats, in that long, sharp-pointed black cradle in which I love to let the great mother rock me, I have seen a tall ship glide by against the tide, as if drawn by some invisible tow-line, with a hundred strong arms pulling it. Her sails hung unfilled, her streamers were drooping, she had neither side-wheel nor stern-wheel; still she moved on, stately, in serene triumph, as if with her own life. But I knew that on the other side of the ship, hidden beneath the great bulk that swam so majestically, there was a little toiling steam tug. with heart of fire and arms of iron, that was hugging it close, and dragging it bravely on; and I knew that if the little steam tug untwined her arms and left the tall ship, it would wallow and roll about and drift hither and thither, and go off with the refluent tide, no man knows whither. And so I have known more than one genius, high-decked, full-freighted, wide-sailed, gay-pennoned, that, but for the bare toiling arms, and brave, warm, beating heart of the faithful little wife that nestled close in his shadow, and clung to him, so that no wind nor wave could part them, and dragged him on against all the tide of circumstance, would soon have gone down the stream and been heard of no more." Holmes.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

"Intimate Discipleship"


“To WHOM shall we go…” John 6:68

Without a word dark silhouetted figures filed out of the dimly lit Kontraktova metro-station into the raw-foggy winter morning. At 5.30 am  Saturday morning in Kyiv the only people I saw on the streets were Babushkas sweeping the streets and the occasional blank-faced derelict wandering home after a night at the bar or at an intimate’s home. One such young man walked by me looking at me with a look I’ll never forget – the look like the gaze of someone dying with a terminal disease. After buying fresh borodinska black Ukrainian bread and kefir I made my way back to our team house persuaded in my heart that what we are doing here is so needed. People need intimacy – an intimacy that the world cannot offer but only that they can find in intimate discipleship. People need Bible School - what I call a “Honeymoon with Jesus Christ”

In the popular Christian culture of church growth there are a growing number of people that have become discontented with the shallow commercial version of Christianity. You can find some of them blogging that church planting has become more of a MLM endeavor rather than a passionate plea to people that they’d turn from the ever closer burning gates of Hell on the broad way that many find their selves on.

When we look carefully at the Great Commission Jesus did not command us to build churches but to make disciples – He Himself would build His church with the disciples we’ve led to Him.

Judas in Mark 14:11, began to seek how “he may conveniently betray Him”. Judas sought betrayal in a way that it would not be so painful for him. Intimacy in discipleship is painful – it costs something – everything, but what is gained cannot be measured or weighed. It is eternal.  That’s why when Jesus asked Peter – “will you also go?” Peter’s answer was so brilliant – “to WHOM shall we go?”. That is intimate discipleship.

This week we began our Bible School in Kyiv – “Kyiv Bible Institute & Missions” where we had 15 our first night. Five were first time visitors to our church – they had heard about our school opening by word of mouth and came out. This truly a miracle, thank you Jesus for this privilege. We are already planning our first Bible School Mission trip in the summer.

After EuroCon 2011 we are planning a trip with some MBC&S Bible School students to Ukraine with Pastor Morrison. Pray about joining us!