UkrCon 2011 - Our 20th Anniversary of Ministry in Ukraine! Special Guest: P. Matti Sirvio - Nov 13-19


Eccl 7.13 "Consider the Work of God..."

In 1991 a combined team with p. Schaller, p. Matti with Hungarians, and I with a group of Poles from Krakow as well as a group of Americans from Baltimore; gathered in a little town called Bruhovichi in western Ukraine. There we had our New Years conference and city wide evangelism in L'viv. There God spoke to us the clear vision He had for Ukraine and the Soviet Union that was breaking up. Today, 20 years later, we are astounded at the work of God in Ukraine with 6 churches and a fresh vision for Eastern Ukraine. We've seen the Lord of the Harvest raise up for His Glory Ukrainian pastors, Bible Schools, missionaries, christian schools, orphan work, teen ministry, and much more. We are only getting started...

We are pleased to invite you to our Ukrainian Conference November 13-19th in L'viv, Ukraine. Our special guest speaker will be p. Matti Sirvio - serving in Istanbul, Turkey. We will have guest speakers from Hungary, Poland, Russia, and of course, Ukraine.

This will be a joyful special celebration of God's Faithfulness and we hoping to see you there as you are a key part of the family of God in Ukraine through your prayers, support and investment over the years. 

For more information you may contact:
p. Chris Moore - (see "contact" link at the upper right hand of the blog)
p. Myhaylo - the pastor in L'viv - +380931430040 or +380964257411
Yura Petriv - Conference Administrator - +380634824509 0r +380979607025
Office E.mail -

See you in L'viv!

Fervent Love Produces Fervent Faith


Here is a message you may enjoy that pastor Scibelli and I preached in Baltimore July 13th, 2011. It's regarding fear and how God's fervent love released the disciples from fear to world evangelism.

Fervent Love Produces Fervent Faith

Philadelphia Grace Hour Rally/Concert - July 23rd


Anointed for Sweet Exhaustion


If you cannot see the slides click here:

P. Vladimir Teplov and I sat in his Moscow apartment for a few minutes too exhausted to speak. We looked at each other and just smiled.

"How was the conference in Helsinki?"
"Oh" he said with his tired but purposeful Russian accent,
"It was a-mazing". Rubbing his eyes he struggled to utter a few choice quotes from p.Love. Then in the middle of his sentence he stopped, turned with sleepy eyes smiled again and said "let's pr-ray".

I had just arrived an hour ago to St. Petersburg by early morning (2am) plane from Tyumen, Siberia where sleep was what we did when we weren't preaching, praying or fellowshipping and eating pelmeni. P. Vladimir had just moments ago walked in the door from a sleepless night in a mini-bus from Helsinki to St.Pete followed by a long train ride to Moscow.

We prayed briefly then I got up with my bags and went out the door - I was off on a 28 hour trek back to Baltimore by plane, train, and metro. As I walked out onto the sidewalk he opened a window and shouted to me from the second floor;

"Hey pastor Chris!" looking up a him he just shook his head, laughed and closed the window.

We were beyond beat.

July 4-7 we met up with all the Russian pastors and many of the Russian believers in St. Petersburg and had a conference continuing the topic of Convention- "Anointed for Service"

By the next day I was two time zones away in Siberia at a missions conference with p. Pavel Gailans. Each night we had about 70 in attendance. Damir and Natavan from Baku came and blessed us with their joyful portion and Lezginka dances (see below the video). New team members have joined the team in Tyumen and God is adding new people to the church. It's a Siberian Spring there.

I think one of the highlights was sitting in the thick Siberian Woods with a boisterous happy group of young Russian eager men singing, eating pork chops, onions, cucumbers and dry bread with our hands talking about Luke 17.21.

Today is Monday July 11th, and as I write this blog entry I am hurling towards the Finnish border at 220 km/hr in a high speed Russian train. I am stirred in my heart with a fresh vision for Russia; Novosibirsk, Volvograd, Vladivastok, Tobolsk, Stavropol, and Kazan.

Let's burn for Him!

Here Damir and his wife Natavan dance the traditional Lezgi "Knife Dance" after a rap one night:

Here Arkhad and Damir do another Lezgi Dance for us: