Ukrainian Leadership Conference 2012


This was most likely our best attended and greatest Ukrainian Leadership Conference ever, the Lord really visited us! With at least 200 at the conference we had guests from Budapest, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Sweden, Finland and of course Baltimore. There were even guests that came 3 days by train from Tyumen, Siberia. We raced Sandy the Super-storm and made it in one of the last flights out of the US before airports began to close. Literally. Half of our group from Baltimore didn't make it out.

The theme of the conference was on Leadership and many of the messages were about God's Agape love. We all grew in our personal visions as leaders and for our personal lives.

I'd like to invite you to hear all the messages here:
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Our next trip t Ukraine will be after Eurocon 2013. Please join us!

Keep the Torch Burning - A.W. Tozer


I read this article by Tozer this morning early written the first half of the 1900's and was stirred as we as a nation go to the polls today to vote...

"The clever proponents of evil political ideologies are spending millions to make us Americans ashamed to love our country. By the use of all available media of communication they are persuading our people that there is little left worth defending and certainly nothing worth dying for. They are building up in the public mind a picture of an American as a generous, tolerant, smiling chap who loves baseball and babies but is not too much concerned about fringe political theories. This synthetic American subscribes to the doctrine of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man and lets go fishing-everything will be all right. And so in religion, especially among the Protestants.

Let a man rise to declare the unique Lordship of Jesus Christ and the absolute necessity of obedience to Him and he is at once branded as a hatemonger and a divider of men. The devil has brainwashed large numbers of religious leaders so successfully that they are now too timid to resist him. And he, being the kind of devil he is, takes swift advantage of their cowardice to erect altars to Baal everywhere.

The Bible is a book of controversy. The Old Testament prophets were men of contention. Our Lord Jesus while on earth was in deadly conflict with the devil. The Apostles, the Church Fathers and the Reformers were men of controversy. They fought the devil to the death and kept the torch of truth burning for all succeeding generations. Is our contribution to history to be the ignoble one of letting the torch go out?"