GGC Philly Sermon Series: Signs of the Last Days


For the next 4 Sundays we will be dealing with the Signs of the Last Days as well as Eschatology - the Study of the End Times.

During this 4 part series we will be dealing with the Certainty of the Rapture, The Anti-Christ, The 7 year Tribulation, The Bema Seat/ Judgement Seat for the Believer, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Israel, Gog and Magog, the 4 Horsemen of Revelation, The Beast, the False Prophet, God's Judgement on the Earth and the 1000 year Millennial Reign of Christ on the Earth. We will also be dealing with much more!

Join us Sundays at 11am in the Philadelphia area - Hatboro PA, 245 East Countyline Rd. 

Puerto Rico Mission Trip Getaway 2013


This week my wife and I went on a mission trip getaway to Puerto Rico where we met up with a team from Baltimore; p. Kevin Cooper, James Bryson, & Ian. There we visited p. David in Aguadilla, and his church. The Body there is a very joyous church with an outreach vision for their city. P. David met Greater Grace through p. Foster who led him to Christ while he was a missionary in Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico we did outreach in Mayaguez & other coastal towns. I was able to take a mountain bike trip up into the rain forest of El Yunque and do some evangelism for the people that lived up there. Precious people!

Check out the slideshow...

Prayer On Purpose - The Drawing into His Presence - A 30 day prayer guide into His Presence


So Where's the Book?

I've had several email me and ask me where are the rest of the articles on prayer such as "Wk 2 Entering into the Temple and Wk 3 Fellowship". I have posted some drafts of the book on this blog to whet our appetites but will wait in posting anymore articles till the book itself is published. 

I am still writing this book and plan to be finished by the end of the year.

Writing this type of book is a process of Life and not something easily penned.

Thank you for your patience and be in prayer for me that God's heart and mind would be portrayed in this book.

7 Points on Having a Vision & 7 Things that will Kill your Vision


Here are a few spontaneous raw notes on a message we preached while in Odessa on Vision:

Without a Vision People Perish

Pro 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

1. We may first have a revelation of God's nature personally.
Ephesians 1:17-19
- Without a vision we live in knowledge.
- Without a vision I am lost
- vision of Gods love, power, grace, omnipotence
- with vision there is love, faith, joy, liberty
- we cannot compare ourselves Joshua 1:2-3 (the promise)
- we live with a personal sense of God in our lives.
- Is God with me? Read verses about God being with us.
Isaiah 6:1-5 Isaiah had to have a crises to reveal God in his life; a revelation of God, his flesh, finished work and he
hears the voice of The Lord.
- Hosea 10:12 breaking up the ground

2. God must speak to us about his specific plan
- a specific word from God
- we have to wait for God to speak to us
- suggestions from the body of Christ, a message.
- we test it / get counsel - Not flesh and blood: Gal 1:16
- it may not happen for a while

3. We must communicate the vision or be a part of the vision, Visionaries & followers.
- talk about the vision
- talk up / pastor
- peers
- down / followers
- Acts 16:9-10 (Titus Gal 2:1) God speaks to Paul about Macedonia
- don't get discouraged
- many times God will open a door after many others were closed
- "endeavored" - practical details (bought the tickets, prayer cards)
- assuring themselves "God has called us"
- if we don't have a vision for ourselves perhaps God wants us as a part of a team with a vision

4. We must be disciplined in the vision first before we lead others
- Write it down - we must break it down into pieces
- I need to be one outreach, prayer meeting before I can expect others to follow

5. At all times we must hold fast to the goodness of God that wants to prosper us.
- Nehemiah 2:17-18 "The good hand of The Lord "
- God is with us
- The King sent us - we are loved

6. Keep the vision fresh no ruts, big God, great grace (Acts 4), strong preaching.
- Be careful things don't get old
- Try different approaches (book tables)
- Try different perspectives (how are different people seeing things in the church)

7. Empower people, they will empower the vision.
- don't wait for the people to be perfect before you ask them to do things.
- paint the vision for them
- give them responsibilities
- trust
- edification
- there are not a lot of visionaries in this world

To be a visionary we must give our whole life to God.

The vision is always bigger than myself, resources, my own personality.

The vision is not just about missions
Need a vision for:
- family
- work
- children
- a main vision for my life
- Calling and occupation

Vision Killers: 1 Sam 3.1-3

1. Losing your perspective - focus lost of God, His Nature and his Word
2. Self occupation - internal problems - sin, pride, pre-occupied with the past, self analysis,
3. People occupation - comparison, gossip, fear of man, personality conflicts, people's failures, cliques.
4. Circumstantial occupation - pre-occupation with conditions, needs,
5. Trapped in your own comfort zone
6. Immaturity and lack of growth -
7. Lack of love, lack of grace, lack of forgiveness. Love empowers.

UkrCon 2013 & Moldovan Mission Trip


It's been a little while since I posted on my blog it's been so busy. I just got back this week from our annual Ukrainian Conference with a side trip to two cities in Moldova. This year we were so blessed to have p. TJ Hassler, p. Toll, p.Gromov and p. Dave Nebel as our guest speakers. What a joy to see the growth of people in their calling and their walks with God.

After the conference the team I was with went to visit p. Mark Knowles in Chisinau Moldova where we have a church and then to Bendery, where there is a new church forming. What a blast it was to visit these place and see fruit that remains.

You can hear some of the messages preached there on my podcast: or here: www

Below is the slideshow of a few shots I was able to catch during the time there: